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401. Marketing Web Secrets
Discover a proven system to make over $33,000 a month online.

402. The Diet Zone | Zone Diet
Welcome to the Diet Zone, The Place for Diet & Fitness information on losing weight and getting fit into the Zone. We have gathered the information together for 100's of Weight Loss Products that are tried and tested.

403. The Complete Guide To Blogging & Pinging
The Complete Guide To Blogging & Pinging. Learn all the tips and tricks of getting your site listed at the top of the Search Engine Tree.

404. Maui
Maui is the tropical dream you need, the vacation you want. Find out how each region of Maui is different from the others, search out the best things to do, find out what Maui is famous for, and discover your own corner of the paradise on earth.

405. Jessica Alba Fan Site
The Number #1 Source of information and news about Jessica Alba.

406. Boxed Experiences
Find out where to buy unique and fun adventures and activities.

407. Rakeback Offers
All the poker rakeback you could ever want

408. Spyware Removal Software Reviews
Website offering a solution for problems faced by millions of computers in the world. Find software that will provide you the safest and securest means of protecting your computer from attacks of Spyware, Adware, dialer and other web bugs.

409. DIY Projector
Learn all about projectors and projector rentals available online. We have got the best resources for projector rentals.

410. medical services
Learn all about medical billing online.

411. verizon dsl
Offers information about DSL - Digital Subsriber Line Companies

412. Baby Gifts Online
Baby Shower Magic - Get the latest tips and the most creative ideas on how to plan and host the perfect baby shower, while saving money at the same time!

413. poetry contest
offers information about poetry contests online.

414. Free Ringtones
Free ringtones for nokia free ringtones motorola free ringtones download instant ringtones free old celular phones and more ringtones resources logos and pictures.

415. Credit card online
online credit cards are easy to get. Just fill a simple form and the card issued on verification.

416. Fresh Start Credit Card
Guide to different types of credit cards available to US/Can consumers for online application. Provides information about card offers and finance aspects to consider when applying for a credit card.

417. mutual fund
Mutual fund - a safe way to enter equity market.

418. Learn Guitar Chord
Want to learn guitar online? Guitar Tips and guitar information.

419. Car Auction
Providing the best Car Auction and Used Car Auction Resrouces

420. Acne Treatment
The best acne skin cure and acne treatment available.

421. Quit Smoking
Quit smoking help and quit smoking tips.

422. Stop Snoring
Professional advice and information on how to Stop Snoring. A wealth of sources have been provided into one easy to navigate site.

423. Spyware Remover
Professional advice and information on Spyware. A wealth of sources have been provided into one easy to navigate site.

424. Mesothelioma Diagnosis
Professional advice and information on Mesothelioma Diagnosis. A wealth of sources have been provided into one easy to navigate site.

425. Gas Cards
Professional advice and information on Gas Cards. A wealth of sources have been provided into one easy to navigate site.

426. Culinary Arts
Professional advice and information on Culinary Arts. A wealth of sources have been provided into one easy to navigate site.

427. Private Investigators
Professional advice and information on locating Private Investigators online.

428. Hair Loss Treatment
Professional advice and information on Hair Loss Treatment. A wealth of sources have been provided into one easy to navigate site.

429. Marriage Counseling
Professional advice and information on Marriage Counseling. A wealth of sources have been provided into one easy to navigate site.

430. Laser Eye Surgery
Professional advice and information on Laser Eye Surgery. A wealth of sources have been provided into one easy to navigate site.

431. Quit Smoking
Professional advice and information on finally been able to quit smoking. Stop smoking once and for all.

432. Online Education
Useful information about online education. How and where to start your online aducation.

433. Bad Breath
Professional advice and information on how to Bad Breath. A wealth of sources have been provided into one easy to navigate site.

434. Cape Cod
Cape Cod travel guide

435. Asthma Treatment
Professional advice and information on Asthma Treatment. A wealth of sources have been provided into one easy to navigate site. Locate the cure for your Asthma today.

436. Internet University
The best place to find information about Internet University

437. Home Based Business Opportunity
Do you want to own a home based business? Our website is designed to help you find a reputable home based business opportunity. We review each home business to ensure that we only provide you with a home business opportunity that will make you money

438. Insomnia Relief, Sleep Aids, Sleeping Pills
Order brand-quality generic sleep aids online at budget prices. Ambien, Lunesta, Sonata, Rozerem. No prescription required. Order includes free online medical consultation.

439. lake tahoe vacation rentals
Offers local information about the lake tahoe area.

440. Brad Paisley
Check out our fansite for the country music singing sensation!

441. Super Documentaries Shopping Center
Cheap but super documentaries for sale on Super Documentaries Shopping center !

442. Adam Sandler
Fan site for the great comedy actor Adam Sandler updated as news happens with a detailed biography, photo gallery and more.

443. wildlife conservation
SF Bay Area video production company producing documentary-style short promos for businesses and wildlife organizations.We use our documentary know-how to make businesses look good- honestly! Our WADU division highlights animals worldwide.

444. Ciara
A fan site for the sexy and talented pop singer Ciara!

445. Famous Quotes
Your source for famous quotes and quotations from thousands of famous people.

446. Scooters - RC Toys - RC Gifts - Airsoft Guns Resources
Extensive guide to learning to how to fly and how to select your first rc plane,helicopter,jet,car truck & boat.Great airsoft guns,robot kits and model trains resources.Good for reviews , how to's, and sources of value priced RC products of any type

447. School Loan Consolidation
School Loan Consolidation - All information about School Loan Consolidation and Student Loan Consolidation. Consolidate your Loan.

448. Mexico
Travel guide to the country of Mexico

449. myspace friend adder
We sell Myspace Bots, Friend Adders, Friend Requester, Mass Messaging and Comment Bot and much more! Our software makes your Myspace experience less tedious and gets you fast results!

450. Elisha Cuthbert Fans
A website for Elisha Cuthbert fans with the latest news on the gorgeous star's as well as filmography, biography and a photogallery.

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A Letter to the Author

Dear Maria,

I've just finished reading Midwinter Turns to Spring and I couldn't help but weep.  This is one of the most beautiful, moving, and emotionally satisfying novels I've read in a long time.

For a first-time novelist to write such a fine novel means that God has given you a talent and a gift for this.  The message that comes through shines with so much hope, grace, redemption -- and stands as such a powerful picture of true, faithful love, that I can only weep and hope that it will reach and heal many people.

Your novel
humbles me and challenges me to deeper definitions of love.

-- Diane Eble, author of 11 books, including Abundant Gifts and MotherStyles (2006)


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Midwinter Turns to Spring
by Maria Veloso
Copyright © 2005 Maria Veloso